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Kentucky Charitable Health Care Services Program

The Health Care Access Branch is responsible for registering charitable health care organizations in Kentucky as required by Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 216.940 - 216.945, The Kentucky Charitable Health Care Services Act (KCHCSA) and its companion law KRS 304.40-075.

The Health Care Access Branch will assist you in registering your charitable health organization and assist in facilitating contacts with the Board of Dentistry and Oral Health Section regarding dental services, and the Kentucky Department of Insurance for medical liability insurance reimbursement.

Am I A Charitable Health Care Provider?

KCHCSA defines a charitable health care provider as any person, agency, clinic or facility licensed or certified by the commonwealth or under a comparable provision of law of another state, territory, district or possession of the United States, engaged in the rendering of medical care or dentistry without compensation or charge and without expectation of compensation or charge to the individual without payment or reimbursement by any governmental agency or insurer.

Charitable health care provider means those persons, agencies, clinics or facilities providing primary medical care and performing no invasive or surgical procedures and those persons, agencies, clinics, or facilities providing services within the dentist's scope of practice under KRS Chapter 313.

If your organization meets this definition of providing charitable health care, you are required by the Kentucky Charitable Health Care Services Act  to register. This applies to both in-state and out-of-state providers and sponsoring organizations.

What Do I Need To Do To Register?

Registration is a very simple process. The sponsoring organization completes the following material:

After completing the registration, the sponsoring organization submits the material to:

Kentucky Department for Public Health
Charitable Health Program
Attn: Sandra dela Rosa
275 East Main St., HS2W-B
Frankfort, KY 40621

Upon verification of all submitted materials (verfication of licenses, etc.) the Health Care Access Branch will provide the sponsoring organization a letter of confirmation of registration.

Note that registration is required annually. Registration should be updated if additional sites or providers are added that provide charitable health services by the sponsoring organization.

What Is The Benefit Of Registering?
  • Compliance with the law.
  • Reimbursement of malpractice/liability insurance.
Affordable Care Act Impact On Charitable Webinars

The Affordable Care Act, also known as health care reform, will have significant impact on charitable care in Kentucky. The Health Care Access Branch Primary Care Office, in partnership with the Kentucky Free Health Clinic Association, Kentucky Rural Health Association, Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians and Blue&Co. Healthcare Consulting provided the following two presentations to assist charitable clinics in understanding how they will be impacted. 

The Affordable Care Act's Impact on Charitable Care in Kentucky What You Need to Know.

Integrated Models for Charitable Care How to Expand Care and Maintain Charitable Services


Contact Information

Sandra dela Rosa, Health Program Coordinator
275 E. Main
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: 502-564-0655 X 4005



Applicable Laws

KRS 216.940

KRS 216.941

KRS 216.942

KRS 216.943

KRS 216.945

KRS 313.254
(Additional Dental Requirements)

KRS 304.40-075
(Insurance Reimbursement)


Last Updated 4/18/2018