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Mentoring Program for the Kentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control Program

The Kentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (KDPCP) Mentoring Program is for public health employees who are newly hired or newly assigned to provide the community diabetes services for their local or district health department. The mentoring program provides an opportunity to build peer to peer relationships and a source for guidance and encouragement. It seeks to orient new staff to the diabetes program, available resources and expectations for their health department funding level. Experienced KDPCP Regional Coordinators from level three funded health departments help implement the program and serve as mentors. As state KDPCP staff are informed of health department staff new to providing community diabetes services, a mentor will be assigned. Mentors will make contact with their assigned mentees and begin the journey of step by step guidance in learning about this multifaceted diabetes program. Materials for the program are posted below for easy access for both mentors and mentees.

Materials for Mentoring Program:


KDPCP Introduction

KDPCP Contacts

Competency Self Assessment

KDPCP Mentoring Checklists

Community Guidance Documents

Map of Funding Levels

CATALYST Plan Examples

Essential Public Health Services (EPHS)

Public Health Practice Reference (PHPR)

Educational Resources

Terms and Abbreviations

Mentoring Evaluation


Last Updated 9/9/2011