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Diabetes Prevention and Control Program

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The Diabetes Prevention and Control Program is a population-based, public health initiative consisting of a network of state, regional and local health professionals whose mission is to reduce new cases of diabetes as well as the sickness, disability and death associated with diabetes and its complications.

Diabetes: General Information
Need Kentucky Diabetes Resources?

Go to Diabetes Resources Directory. This site allows searches for diabetes resources such as classes, support groups and coalitions by county and surrounding area. In addition, this site contains direct links to sites that list diabetes specialists and educators by location.

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) is a joint program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health and more than 200 partners working together to improve the treatment and outcomes of diabetes in individuals, families, communities and health care systems. 

The NDEP uses public awareness and educational tools to inform people with diabetes about the importance of knowing their blood glucose values, reaching their blood glucose goals and keeping their blood glucose under control. The NDEP also provides messages and tools to help those at risk for type 2 diabetes make the lifestyle changes that may prevent or delay the development of diabetes. 

The NDEP also has diabetes education resources and tools designed especially for health care professionals, business professionals engaged in planning and conduction business health strategies and school personnel.  Whether in clinical practice, classroom, or workplace, managing diabetes effectively is complex and requires a team approach.  Click on the pictures below to take advantage of NDEP resources and tools based on the latest scientific research.

NDEP   Diabetes at Work

Being Prepared for a Disaster

If you are a person with diabetes, it is very important to be prepared for any disaster. The valuable information below can help you survive in the event of a disaster. Please print and save any of this information.

Kentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control Program Disasters and Diabetes Curriculum

Being Prepared for a Disaster When You Have Diabetes

  1. Curriculum for Community Use
  2. Power Point Presentation
  3. Additional Resources and References


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