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Pediatric Cancer Research Trust Fund

Legislation passed in 2015 established the Pediatric Cancer Research Trust Fund to support pediatric cancer research and treatment.

Kentuckians can support the work of the trust fund by using a special check-off option to contribute all or a portion of their Kentucky state income tax refunds. Tax refund contributions to the trust fund will be used to advance promising Kentucky programs promoting pediatric cancer research and treatment.

FY 2018 Pediatric Cancer Trust Fund Application Process

Applications for funding are not being accepted at this time. 

Eligible grant applicants include nonprofits, education institutions and Kentucky government agencies. Each applicant must offer a program or service to address the needs of the commonwealth.

The application for the trust fund will be available in an electronic format.  Applicants will submit one copy of the application electronically and mail another copy to the Division of Prevention and Quality Improvement, Chronic Disease Prevention Branch.

When submitting electronic applications, electronically, please use Microsoft Word file format (.doc, .docx).

A detailed budget is required for all applicants. Please be sure to include your budget outline on the application.

For answers to questions on how to complete the application and any forms related to the application process, please email Pediatric Cancer Research Trust Fund or call (502) 564-7996.

Contact Information

Janet Luttrell, Program Manager
275 East Main St., HS2W-E
Frankfort, KY  40621
Phone: 502-564-7996


Last Updated 3/16/2017