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Local Health Operations Branch

The Local Health Operations (LHO) Branch is responsible for providing guidance to the Kentucky local health departments (LHDs) that includes:

  • Providing guidance to LHDs on appropriate medical coding.
  • Providing guidance to LHDs on correcting Kentucky Medicaid and managed care organization (MCO) billing errors for the Kentucky Preventive Health Services Program.
  • Providing guidance to LHDs in the proper documentation of medical records and the management of LHD forms.
  • Providing guidance to LHDs on the appropriate completion of LHD Patient Encounter Form (PEF) entries.
  • The review, coordination, and authorization of security access requests to the LHD Network Systems.

Note: LHO is not responsible for Medicare and private/commercial insurance billing issues; Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) program-specific/clinical-related issues; or coding/billing issues outside the scope of the Kentucky Medicaid Preventive Health Services Program.

The LHO branch performs these responsibilities through the interpretation of DPH policies, standard operating procedures, Kentucky Administrative Regulations and Statutes.

LHO Branch Address:
275 East Main Street, HS1W-B
Frankfort, KY 40621

LHO Branch Phone Number:
(502) 564-6663, Option 1

LHO Branch Service Desk Email:

LHO Branch Service Desk Fax Number
(502) 564-4057

The LHO branch normal operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Eastern Time.

LHO Branch Staff:

Craig Cooper | Extension 4100
Administrative Branch Manager

Amy Dunn, CPC | Extension 4095
Billing Specialist/Policy Analyst

Janet Overstreet | Extension 4120
Meaningful Use/ HIPAA Specialist/Policy Analyst

Tammy Page | Extension 4121
LHD Contract Specialist/Policy Analyst

Nellie Ramsey | Extension 4114
Billing Specialist/Policy Analyst

Cynthia H. Robinson, CPC | Extension 4123
Medical Coding Specialist/Policy Analyst

Linda Thomason | Extension 4102
LHD Network Systems Security Access Coordinator/Resource Management Analyst

Mark Tibbles | Extension 4133
LHO Service Desk Coordinator/Resource Management Analyst

Sharon Trivette | Extension 4134
Billing Specialist/Policy Analyst


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