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Hammering in the Hills

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In The Hills
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 In the spring of 1997, Habitat for Humanity came to eastern Kentucky for a week long event called "Hammering in the Hills."  Fifty homes were built using Radon resistant technology.
 Former President Jimmy Carter and celebrities such as Governor Patton, the Oak Ridge Boys and Crystal Gayle worked to produce low cost housing in several Appalachian communities.

 As the walls were being framed, a hole was drilled for a 3 or 4 inch pipe.

 The pipe is inserted and an air-tight seal was placed around it.

 Beneath the foundation the pipe is fitted with a T-joint.  Later, the pipe will be placed under the plastic and the plastic sealed to the foundation.

 The air inside the house and inside the pipe will rise when warmed, creating a natural draft.  This draws the radon gas to the outside. 

 In the attic space, an electrical outlet is "roughed in."  If the natural draft is not enough to bring radon levels to below 4.0 pci/l, an electrical fan will be added.

 The pipe continues through the roof to the outside.  It may or may not have a cap.
It makes good sense to have a home built Radon Resistant as opposed to mitigating after the house is completed.  Cost for Radon Resistant new construction usually costs $500 or less.  Mitigation usually costs $800 - $1,000. 
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