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How To Process/Manufacture Food For Sale

How To Process Or Manufacture Food For Sale
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If you plan to operate a food processing or manufacturing firm in Kentucky, the following information may help you get there.

First - if you plan to move into an existing building where a food processor or manufacturer has recently closed, contact the Food Safety Branch Office, or Area Food Manufacturing Inspector (See area map), to determine if what you are proposing, can be done in the structure without a lot of costly renovations. If you plan to move into an existing structure that has never been used as a food processor, or if you intend to build a new building, contact the Food Safety Office or Area Food Manufacturing Inspector to see if what you are proposing can be done in the proposed structure.
Second - put your plans on paper and refer to second step above. Once you plans are approved, you may begin construction of your food processing establishment.
These are a few examples
of processed foods.
Third - you would need to apply for a permit to operate, providing pertinent information and paying applicable fees. This step will be done through your area food manufacturing inspector (see area map).
Fourth - provide your area food inspector with information relating to your product, such as formulation, ingredients, the process of manufacture, cooking, holding and storage times and temperatures and a copy of your proposed food product label. Your area food manufacturing inspector will want to make sure you know how to safely manufacture, store distribute and label your food products.
Fifth - now you may be ready to request your opening inspection by your area food manufacturing inspector. The plumbing inspector will conduct the first inspection to make sure any plumbing changes or additions have been done by a licensed plumber and have been installed correctly. If your plumbing is acceptable, your area food inspector will conduct your opening inspection. Once you pass opening inspection, you will receive a permit to operate. This permit will remain valid as long as your permit is renewed yearly and your establishment operates in conjunction with applicable food safety laws and regulations.
For more information and applications, please contact your local area food inspectors or the Kentucky Department for Public Health's Food Program at (502) 564-7181.



Last Updated 2/1/2005