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Applying For WIC

How To Apply for WIC Benefits

Contact the WIC Program or local health department serving your area or use the link below to see if you qualify.

You will be asked to provide proper ID, proof of residence and information about your household income to help determine if you meet program guidelines.

Most applicants are eligible for WIC who receive KTAP, food stamps or Medicaid, or:

  • Are pregnant or have a pregnant woman or infant in the family who receives Medicaid, or
  • Have a member of your family who receives KTAP, or
  • Have a household income at or less than 185 percent of poverty.

Successful applicants will be given a simple health and diet screening to assess nutritional or health needs.

WIC Income Guidelines

Use the WIC Prescreening Tool to see if you may be eligible.

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How To Become a WIC Vendor

Retail Vendor Applicants: To be authorized WIC vendors and accept food instruments, stores must:

  • Complete a Vendor Application (fillable form) and a Price List (fillable form). 
  • Receive an on-site visit by the local health department.
  • Meet inventory requirements.
  • Review and sign a Vendor Agreement and an Agreement Amendment or EBT Agreement. The application and vendor agreement will be reviewed with the vendor applicant by the local agency and submitted to the state agency for approval.
  • Provide vendor sales to the state agency regarding gross sales and food sales prior to approval of the contract.
  • Provide additional information such as a bill of sale, tax return information and other proof of ownership or other documents as requested.
  • Receive vendor training and complete a Vendor Training Checklist on the operation of the WIC Program.
  • Receive an authorized WIC vendor stamp from the local agency along with a copy of the signed and approved vendor agreement.

Instructions for completing these forms can be found in the Information Manual for vendor applicants.

Drug Store Vendor Applicants

Drug stores will follow the same procedures as retail vendors but will need to use the drug store price list.

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement (Spanish)

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement (English)


Last Updated 5/15/2017