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Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Needs Assessment Results

Every 5 years the Maternal and Child Health Title V Program is required to conduct a statewide needs assessment to determine the priority needs and measures to focus on for the next 5 years. The process began in spring of 2009 with community forums held in 11 sites around the state. Posted here are the results of those forums by topic. In addition, the Title V Program has prepared fact sheets with data on each topic. 

Forum Findings on:

Fact Sheets:

Substance Abuse and Smoking

·     Substance Abuse in Pregnant Women

·      Substance Abuse in Children and Teens

·      Smoking in Pregnancy

·      Teen Smoking

·      Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Children


·      Obesity

·      Obesity in Pregnant Women

·      Obesity in Children

Teen Pregnancy

 Teen Pregnancy

Dental Health

·      Oral Health in Kentucky

·      Access to Dental Care

Health Insurance Coverage

·      Health Insurance Coverage

School Health

Children with Developmental and Medical Needs

Mental Health

·      Self Esteem in Youth

·      Parental Influence on Children and Youth Behavior


Breastfeeding in Kentucky

Pre-term - Prenatal Care

·      Preconception Care

·      Infant Mortality

Other MCH Topics

 Child Maltreatment in Kentucky

Cross Cutting Themes

 Cross Cutting Themes





























Last Updated 8/5/2010