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2013 CSH Summit

All In for Health and Academic Success

CSH Summit Overview

CSH Summit Teamwork

Keynote Address

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December 2013

The Kentucky Department for Public Health in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Education & Board of Education’s Health Sub-committee hosted the Coordinated School Health Summit.

Exciting, positive, active energy from all participants made a difference in their school district's wellness policies through improved student health and academic success.

Participants provided continual energy and enthusiasm after returning to their local area to continue and implement their plans after attending the Coordinated School Health Summit.

CSH Summit Overview

This one-day summit was designed to bring together local teams from across Kentucky to focus on a coordinated school health approach to school wellness, policy planning and program review. Local health departments, in partnership with their local school districts, developed and registered their local school district teams. Both health and education administration showed their support through their welcome to the participants. 

Dr. Charles E. Basch was the keynote presenter and is the author of Healthier Students are Better Learners. Dr. Basch connects seven educationally relevant health disparities and how these impede motivation and ability to learn through at least five causal pathways such as: sensory perceptions, contention, connectedness and engagement with school, absenteeism and dropping out. Eight coordinated school health unbridled talks were featured with Kentucky experts. Local teams had facilitated planning process time to develop an action plan for work in their school districts.

A state-level Coordinated School Health Summit, All in for Health & Academic Success Planning Committee provided input into this event.  The coordinated school health team of the Kentucky Department for Public Health and Kentucky Department for Education Coordinated School Health worked with RMC Health on the participant process and materials.

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Public Health and Education's Welcome

Dr. Stephanie Mayfield Gibson                Thomas G. “Tommy” Floyd Commissioner                                                       Chief of Staff
Department for Public Health       Kentucky Department of Education


Coordinated School Health Team
Public Health and Education

Victoria “Vicki” Greenwell                                                     Jamie Sparks
CSH Administrator                                                        CSH Administrator
Department for Public Health              Kentucky Department of Education


Stephanie Bunge                                                                    Todd Davis
School Health Consultant                                  School Health Consultant
Kentucky Department of Education     Kentucky Department of Education



Vicki and Jamie


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