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CSH Summit

CSH Summit Teamwork

Goal: School districts, with stakeholder input, will develop a plan to improve their school district wellness policies and a process for assessing implementation of their school district wellness policies.

Team Member Participant Training Objectives
As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge gained through pre-work and summit sessions to overall school district planning and policies 
  • Expand the school district wellness policy and practices to address Coordinated School Health (CSH) components 
  • Develop an action plan that outlines next steps for expanding the school district wellness policy to include CSH components

Local Teams
Thirty-three school district teams attended. Each team had at least one public health administrator and one education administrator as a part of its team. Team members were developed based upon locally identified needs. Teams were comprised of a variety of members including: public health directors, health department directors of nursing, superintendents, school board members, school district administration staff such as division of pupil personnel, principals, parents, child nutrition directors, physical education and health teachers, school counselors, family resource and youth services centers directors, school nurses, social workers and community members. For a listing of the school districts and local health departments that attended, please click here.

All In Prep Work for Local Teams

Teams viewed a 20-minute webinar Kentucky logo designating an external linkon Coordinated School Health, providing the initial framework for the summit: eight components of coordinated school health, school health council, school district wellness policies and program review.

  1. While viewing, participants were asked to think about what components of coordinated school health are present in their school district and the current level of and potential gaps in communication and coordination. This was created and produced by the coordinated school health team of the Kentucky Department for Public Health and Kentucky Department of Education Coordinated School Health staff.
  2. Teams completed the WellSAT School District Wellness Policy Assessment Kentucky logo designating an external link from Yale University, Rudd Center and e-mailed the completed tool to the Kentucky Department for Public Health coordinated school health administrator. This tool was made available for the teams on event day.
  3. At the Coordinated School Health Summit, each team developed a local action plan focusing on improving its school district wellness policies and practices, specifically looking at nutrition and physical activity as starting points. One goal was established for January 31 as this correlates to KRS 158.856.  KRS 158.856 states that by January 31 of each year, the local board of education will hold an advertised public forum to present a plan to improve school nutrition and physical activities in the district.  An example of the Team Action Plan can be accessed here. 

All In Summit Day Work for Local Teams

Coordinated School Health Summit, All in for Health and Academic Success Process Guide was used by participants to take notes on the keynote and eight Coordinated School Health Unbridled Talks, including the new information discovered during this time for teamwork occurring later in the day.

A Coordinated School Health Placement activity was used by participants to record current policies or district practices that address nutrition and physical activity in each coordinated school health component and the record Opportunities for improvement for each component.

State and Local Data was available for each school district  including their completed WellSAT School District Wellness Policy Assessment  Kentucky logo designating an external link, Kentucky Youth Risk Behavior Survey Kentucky logo designating an external link data and the Kentucky Incentives for Prevention Survey Kentucky logo designating an external link data.

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Last Updated 4/7/2014