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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood DevelopmentFirst Steps Program - For children birth to age 3 with developmental delays or specific medical conditions known to cause developmental delays.

Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) - Health Access Nurturing Development Services - Are you a mom or dad who is pregnant or expecting a new baby? Would you like information on pregnancy or your baby’s early years?

Child Care Health Consultations for Healthy Start In Child Care - Protecting the health and safety of children in out of home child care.

Birth Surveillance Registry - surveillance system designed to provide information on the incidence, prevalence, trends and possible causes of stillbirths, birth defects, and disabling conditions of children in Kentucky.

Newborn Screening Program provides information to healthcare providers and parents about the 29 medical disorders every infant in Kentucky is tested for at birth.

Early Childhood Mental Health Program  provides consultation, training and evaluation services for children from birth to five years and their families.

Kentucky Strengthening Families (KYSF)  is an initiative that enhances family safety and protection through community and state partnerships with the goal to better promote learning and provide access to information and assistance.

child being measuredThe Early Childhood Development Branch provides active leadership in achieving the health goals of the state’s early childhood initiatives through HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Development Services), CCHC Child Care Health Consultation for Healthy Start in Child Care, ECMH Early Childhood Mental Health, First Steps - Kentucky's Early Intervention System, Newborn Metabolic Screening, Genetics, Adult PKU and KY Birth Surveillance Registry. Approximately 21 percent of all children provided preventive health services are in need of further evaluation and treatment of a condition or problem that, when detected early, is less costly than if allowed to worsen. It has been estimated that every dollar spent on early intervention for children results in a cost avoidance of $7. The future of Kentucky depends upon the healthy development of its youngest citizens.


Last Updated 10/27/2015