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WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Since 1992, the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) has helped promote local farmers markets and bring locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables into the homes of WIC participants. In Kentucky, eligible WIC recipients receive food instruments (FIs) worth $20 each summer to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables or fresh-cut herbs. Local WIC agencies issue FMNP FIs and provide nutrition education emphasizing the importance of including fruits and vegetables in the diet daily.

Where does WIC FMNP operate in Kentucky?

80 Farmers Markets in 72 counties across Kentucky accept WIC FMNP FIs.

 farmers market table 

Who Can Participate?

 To be eligible you must:

  • Be a certified WIC recipient in the counties offering the WIC Farmers Market Nutritional Program. Click Market Information for a list of Farmers Markets and their times of operation. Click here to apply for WIC beneifts. 
  • Be a woman who is pregnant, postpartum (up to 6 months) or breastfeeding (up to 1 year)
  • Be an infant (age 1 by Oct. 1)
  • Be a child up to age 5
What Foods Are Available?

farmers market vegetablesA variety of fresh, nutritious, raw, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs may be purchased with WIC farmers market AFIs. Each state agency develops a list of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that can be purchased.

Click Eligible Food Items for a list of Kentucky’s approved foods for farmers market.



How Does The Program Operate?

WIC Farmers Market Nutritional Program is administered through a federal/state partnership. The Nutrition Services Branch administers the program. 

WIC participants receive nutrition education at the time of their visit and farmers market FIs are issued, usually beginning in June of each year. FIs can be used through the end of October. 


Last Updated 2/8/2016