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Radioactive Materials Program

This program inspects and issues licenses to approximately 400 radioactive materials users in the fields of medicine, industry, research and academia. In addition, the program has issued 21 in vitro/in vivo general licenses and 164 other general licenses. The program also assists with oversight of radioactive materials and waste transportation throughout the state.

Administrative Regulations
Forms and Guides
  • Annual Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Report, Rev. March 2011 (Word) (PDF)  
  • Kentucky Radioactive Materials License Fee Schedule (Word) (PDF)
  • Kentucky Reciprocity Location Report, Rev. June 2013 (Word) (PDF)
  • Kentucky Weekly Radiography Schedule, Rev. Feb. 2012 (Word) (PDF)
  • License Guide for G.C. Devices and XRF Analyzers
  • License Guide for Industrial Radiography (Word) (PDF)
  • License Guide for Laboratory Users
  • Kentucky Medical License Guide, Rev. July 2015 (Word) (PDF)
  • License Guide for Non-Portable Gauging Devices, Rev. Aug. 2011 (Word) (PDF
  • License Guide for Portable Gauging Devices, Rev. June 2013 (Word) (PDF)
  • License Guide for Well Logging Operations
  • Notice to Employees (Word) (PDF)
  • RPS-7 - Application for Radioactive Material License, Rev. June 2011 (Word) (PDF
  • RPS-8 Forms - Authorized User Training and Experience and Preceptor Attestation:
    • RPS-8 AUS - Therapeutic Sealed Sources (Word) (PDF)
    • RPS-8 AUT - Therapy Unsealed (Word) (PDF)
    • RPS-8 AMP - Medical Physicist (Word) (PDF)
    • RPS-8 ANP - Nuclear Pharmacist (Word) (PDF)
    • RPS-8 AUD - Diagnostic Imaging (Word) (PDF)
    • RPS-8 RSO - Radiation Safety Officer (Word) (PDF)
  • RPS-10 - Disposition of Radioactive Material, Rev. March 2011 (Word) (PDF
  • RPS-12 - Transfer of Control, Rev. Jan. 2015 (Word) (PDF)
  • RPS-526 - Small Business Entity Certification (Word) (PDF)

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