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Policies & Procedures Table of Contents


NOTE:  The Policy and Procedure manual sections linked from this page were written prior to recent changes in regulations. When viewing material from the current P & P manual, please note that Administrative Regulations, (KARs, see below), supersede the manual if the two documents do not agree. The manual is being reviewed for update.

Table of Contents

Introduction i

Definitions ii-iiiii

Policy and Procedures
Required Forms
Sample Letters
Enrolled Providers
Regulations and other Resources

Policy and Procedures:

Section I - Covered Services (I-1 to I-5)
Section II - Point of Entry (II-1 to II-11)
Addendum to Section II Relating to 911 KAR 2:120E Section 1(8). Effective 7-1-04.
Section III - Evaluation & Eligibility (III-1 to III-8)
Section IV - Assessment (IV-1 to IV-5)
Section V - Primary Service Coordination (V-1 to V-9)
Addendum to Section 911 KAR 2:140E Section 1(10).  Effective 7-1-04.
Section VI - Individualized Family Service Plan (VI-1 to VI-9)
Addendum to Section 911 KAR 2:200E Section 3.  Effective 7-1-04.
Addendum to Section 911 KAR 2:200E Section 4. Effective 7-1-04.
Section VII - Family Rights (VII-1 to VII-11)
Addendum to Section VII Relating to 911 KAR 2:130E Section 2(7)(b).  Revised 11-30-04.
Section VIII - Assistive Technology (VIII-1 to VIII-23)
Addendum to Section VIII Relating to 911 KAR 2:140E Section 2(1).  Effective 12-04.
Section IX - Personnel: Introduction and Policies (IX-1 to IX-45)
Addendum to Section IX Relating to 911 KAR 2:150E Section (1)(N).  Effective 7-1-04.
Addendum to Section IX Relating to 911 KAR 2:130E Section 2(9)(G).  Effective 7-1-04.
Section X - Records (X-1 to X-4)
Section XI - Program Evaluation(XI-1 to XI-5)
Section XII - Central Billing and Information System (XII-1 to XII-73)
Section XIII - Provider Enrollment (XIII-1 to XIII-3)
Section XIV - Coverage and Payment (XIV-1 to XIV-11)
Section XV - Family Share (XV-1 to XV-4)

A-1 Image Consistency Kit
A-2 Established Risk Conditions

Required Forms:
RF-1 Statement of Assurances
RF-1A Summary of Rights
RF-2 Hearing Checklist
RF-3 a-g Billing Summary Sheet
RF-4 Refusal of Services
RF-5 First Steps Provider Agreement Form, Instructions
RF-6 First Steps CBIS Provider Enrollment Form, Instructions
RF-7 Professional Development Plan for DI Form
RF-8 First Steps Provider Agreement Electronic Media Addendum
RF-9 First Steps Discipline Codes
RF-10 First Steps Statewide IFSP Form and Instructions
          IFSP Amendment Rational Form
RF-10 (January 2005) First Steps Statewide IFSP Form and Instructions
RF-11 First Steps Request for Additional Services
RF-12 Income Verification Request or Refusal of Income Verification Form
RF-13 Temporary Suspension or Waiver Request from Family Share Form
RF-14 Inability to Pay Exemption Request Form
RF-15 First Steps Prior Notice (revised 11-03-04)
RF-16 First Steps Request for Intensive Level Evaluation Record Review
RF-17 Eligibility Determination Record Review
RF-18 Service Exception Record Review
RF-19 Payor of Last Resort
RF-20 Transfer of Skills
RF-21 Service Planning Activity Matrix

Sample Letters:

SL-1 Permanent Record Letter to Family
SL-2 Family Input Page

Enrolled Providers:

CBIS - 1 to 37 Index of Providers by District
CBIS - 38 to 64 List of Enrolled Providers in Alpha Order


RES-1 Kentucky State Regulations 2:100-180 and 200
RES-2 POE Listing
RES-3/4 Evaluation System & Technical Assistant Teams
RES-6 DEIC/PIPC Comparison Paper
RES-7 KY Transition Project Orientation Manual
RES-9 Transportation Paper
RES-10 First Steps Financial Information Form
RES-11 Helpful Questions for Families Regarding Insurance
RES-12 PSC Responsibilities Checklist
RES-13 First Steps Provider Description Form page 1, page 2
RES-14 Family Share Chart

 Please note:  The Policy and Procedure manual and all forms are in pdf format and require Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later. Click here to download the free Acrobat Reader.
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