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Kentucky receives grant to establish aging and disability resource center

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, August 23, 2005  
Contact Information:  Vikki Franklin or Lisa Wallace
(502) 564-6786

Kentucky has been chosen as one of 19 states to receive a federal grant to help families obtain information and assistance with long-term care decisions. The $800,000 grant from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Administration on Aging Administrator will be used to establish an aging and disability resource center in Northern Kentucky.

The state Division of Aging Services in the Department of Human Support Services, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, is the grant recipient. The resource center will be established in partnership with the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services, Department of Medicaid Services and the Northern Kentucky Area Development District/Area Agency on Aging.  Once operational, the center will be a one-stop clearinghouse for long-term care information, services and assistance on the community level.

“Navigating the array of long-term care services available throughout the state can be confusing and frustrating,” said Marla Montell, commissioner of the Department for Human Support Services.  “This resource center will be a tremendous help to families searching for long-term care options for their elderly and disabled loved ones. By providing comprehensive, community-specific information on available programs and services, we are confident more families will be able to access the kind of help they need in an effective and timely manner.”

Montell added that many people aren’t aware of alternatives to institutional care available in many communities. The resource center will work with families seeking institutional care as well as those who want and can benefit from alternative long-term assistance, with the hope that increased interest and participation in such alternatives will prompt growth in the availability of those programs and services.  .

Individuals older than 18 and their families will be able to contact the resource center to inquire about programs and services in specific counties and other geographical areas, by type of service and by other data-sorting criteria. The center will also help clients with the application process for services they wish to receive.

“The resource center’s one-stop approach will help families, who often have little time to prepare, make the right choices about long-term services for loved ones,” Montell said.



Last Updated 8/23/2005