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Certificate of Need

The Kentucky Certificate of Need process prevents the proliferation of health care facilities, health services and major medical equipment that increase the cost of quality health care in the commonwealth.

Diona G. Mullins, Policy Advisor
Office of Health Policy
275 E. Main St., 4W-E
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-9592
Fax: (502) 564-0302


Certificate of Need Modernization

On October 8, 2014, CHFS requested feedback from all interested stakeholders regarding possible strategies for and changes to the CON program that would further the implementation of specific core principles.

The public comments which have been received are currently being reviewed and are posted on OHP’s website. 

OHP has scheduled the following listening sessions which will be held in Suites A-C Department for Public Health, 275 East Main Street, Frankfort, KY  40621:

Monday, March 16, 2015  2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) Suites A-B
Tuesday, March 17, 2015  10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) Suites A-C

Please refer to OHP’s CON modernization webpage for specifics regarding the  scheduled sessions or other updates on CON modernization: http://chfs.ky.gov/ohp/con/conmod.htm


On February 5, 2015, the following amended regulations became effective:

900 KAR 6:060 Timetable for submission of CON
900 KAR 6:065 CON application process

Changes include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Nonsubstantive review applications shall be batched monthly. (See revised Batching Cycle/Timetable on OHP website.)
• A letter of intent is not required for a nonsubstantive review
• CON applications may be deferred a maximum of 2 times (or if the application has previously been deferred prior to February 5, 2015, the application may be deferred one (1) additional time.)  An application filed to alleviate an emergency shall not be deferred.
• If an applicant withdraws a deferred application from February 5, 2015 through June 30, 2015 and submits a new application for the same proposed health facility or service within 5 years from the date of withdrawal, the cabinet shall apply the application fee which was submitted for the withdrawn application toward the fee assessed pursuant to 900 KAR 6:020 for the new application.

On December 31, 2014, the Office of Health Policy filed amendments to the following regulation with LRC:

900 KAR 7:030 & E Data reporting by health care providers

You may view the amended regulations on LRC’s website at http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/TITLE900.HTM

Reference Materials

2013 - 2015 State Health Plan (January 2014)

Office of Health Policy Health Facility and Services Utilization Reports

State Health Plan Calculations for Home Health (Rev. Sept. 12, 2014)

State Health Plan Calculations for Hospice (July 3, 2013)

State Health Calculations for Psychiatric Beds (Rev. October 14, 2013)

State Health Plan Calculations for Long Term Care (July 11, 2013)

Batching Cycle/Timetable 

Population Estimates and Projections

2010 to 2050 Projections of Total Population by Age and Sex State ADDs and Counties (State Data Center May 1, 2014)

2010 Census with 2012 Estimate by Single Year of Age and Gender (State Data Center May 1, 2014)

2010 Census with 2012 Estimate by Age Groups and Race (State Data Center May 1, 2014)


Last Updated 2/26/2015
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