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Cases Heard by the Health Services Administrative Hearings Branch

Certificate of Need

A. Hospital, psychiatric, rehabilitation, chemical dependency and psychiatric residential treatment facilities, freestanding ambulatory surgical centers and birthing centers

B. Long-term care beds (intermediate care, skilled nursing, nursing facilities and Alzheimer’s disease facilities) and intermediate care beds for mental retardation and facilities for the developmentally disabled

C. Transplantation, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), lithotripter, radiation therapy, cardiac catheterization, open heart surgery and new technological developments

D. Day health care centers, ambulatory care clinics, rehabilitation agencies, hospice and home health

E. Ambulance and air ambulance providers

F. Non-substantive review applications

G. Advisory opinions

H. Show cause hearings

Department for Medicaid Services

A. Ancillary therapy

B. Provider termination

C. Discrimination

D. Sanction

E. Repayment

F. Withholding

G. Medicaid applicant/recipient

Continued stay
Denial of services
Medication denial
Durable medical equipment
Extended care stay
Nursing facility admission
Private duty nursing
Support for community living
Traumatic brain injury
Impact plus
Estate recovery

Department for Public Health

A. Local health departments (personnel)

B. Milk and milk products

C. Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program

D. First Steps

E. Septic system installer

F. Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act

G. Environmental health and community safety

H. Posting of methamphetamine contamination notice

Office of the Inspector General

A. Type A and B citations

B. Civil penalties for type A and B citations

C. Nurse aide abuse, neglect and misappropriation of property

D. Involuntary discharge

E. Child day care licensure and civil penalties

F. Licensure of health facilities and services

G. Variance denials

Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addiction Services

A. DUI program, assessor, instructor certification

Department for Aging and Independent Living

A. Assisted living provider certifications

Department for Community Based Services

A. Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act

B. Domestic violence program, assessor, instructor certification


Last Updated 7/16/2008