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Celebrate Nurses Week

Nurses Week logoAs part of National Nurses Week, nurses employed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and local health departments across the state are working to educate Kentuckians about the importance of prevention for long-term health and well-being.

Nurses Week, which was created to promote the role of nurses in American health care and government, started May 6 and runs through May 12 around the country. This recognition is considered a way to honor the contribution of nurses to health care, the delivery of clinical services, public health education and health policy. At CHFS, a team of cabinet nurses has been working to plan special events and promote a specific health campaign.

“In addition to our continuing education and promotional events planned for the week, we wanted to use Nurses Week as a platform to promote health,” said Rosie Miklavcic, chief nursing officer for the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH). “This year, we are focusing on the power of prevention - whether that is getting regular health screenings, committing to an exercise program or following a quitting smoking program. Prevention lays the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle.”

According to CHFS personnel, approximately 1,300 public health nurses are employed through local health departments and 100 more nurses work in the CHFS central office in various positions through DPH, the Office of Inspector General, the Department for Community Based Services, the Department for Medicaid Services, and the Department for Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Throughout the week, CHFS nurses will engage in various activities to promote the work of nurses and their contribution to the cabinet.

“We ask that during Nurses Week, all Kentuckians take a little time to consider their personal health,” said Miklavcic. “Learn more about what health screenings you should be getting this year, what types and how much exercise you should be getting, and what kind lifestyle is right for you.”

Miklavcic said more information is available by contacting a local health department. Various programs, such as diabetes management or smoking cessation, are offered through the health departments.

“Sometimes, we assume that our health and well-being is out of our hands,” said Miklavcic. “That’s why preventive health measures are so important – they can help us fight off and sometimes even reverse disease. What better way to celebrate Nurses Week in Kentucky than by making a change to improve the health of not only yourself, but also your family and loved ones.”



Last Updated 5/11/2010