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Frankfort - The Big Move

So Far, So Good

“The Big Move is right on schedule and going well,” according to Lisa Detherage, director, Division for Facilities Management.   “This is due largely to employees cooperating and preparing in advance for their move.”

The final outcome of all these changes and hard work will be that department members are closer to each other and allow for more collaborative working relationships.  It is more efficient, not to mention easier, to walk two or three cubicles to talk to a colleague face-to-face, rather than travel two or three floors or communicate by phone. 

Detherage reminds staff that when your move is scheduled, please be ready first thing on the morning of the scheduled move.  Have your boxes packed.  Being prepared and ready to make the transition lessens the stress and costs associated with the move and speeds the entire process.

Move coordinators should walk the area the night before the move is slated to begin, to ensure that at least the first seven to eight employees scheduled to move the next day are packed and ready for the movers.

Also, keep in mind that in addition to offices being moved, conference rooms are being repositioned as well.  So, if you have scheduled a meeting in a conference room, it’s a good idea to check with the move coordinator for your area a couple of days in advance to make sure the conference room is still available.  This will lessen confusion and ensure that if that particular conference room is not going to be available there is ample time to change the meeting location.

Remember, the detailed move plans are currently posted in each lobby. If you have questions, please contact your move coordinator.


Last Updated 2/11/2005