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Employee Spotlight

CHFS Employees Participate in Capitol Steps

Mike Schardein, left, and Victoria Greenwell.

Mike Schardein, left, and Victoria Greenwell participated in the Capitol Steps Challenge.

Department for Public Health employees Mike Schardein and Victoria Greenwell were chosen to take part in the Capitol Steps Challenge, an initiative of several governors to draw attention to the growing problem of obesity across the country.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked other states’ executive agency leaders to compete in the Capitol Steps Challenge. The designated teams competed for two weeks by tracking daily steps managed by Virgin HealthMiles. The winning team will receive a $50,000 donation to the state’s childhood obesity program.

In addition to Kentucky, the challenge attracted 13 other states: Alabama, Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. In the final tallies, Kentucky’s team came in eighth.

Schardein and Greenwell talked with the Focus last month about the challenge.

Schardein is an environmental biologist consultant who has worked for the state for more than four years. Greenwell is a coordinated school health administrator who has been with the state for 22 years.

Share your interest in the Capitol Steps Challenge and why you agreed to participate.

M.S.: I figured it was a way to track my everyday activity level.

V.G.: I thought the challenge sounded fun.  I always enjoy a challenge as I have a bit of friendly competitive nature in me.

What impact do you hope to have on CHFS employees? 

M.S.: I would love for co-workers to improve their health by increasing their daily activity level while improving their overall lives.

V.G.: I hope employees can find and enjoy many different types of physical activities that bring happiness and health to their lives.

What suggestions or thoughts do you have for readers on how this program might help further develop the worksite wellness culture for CHFS employees?

M.S.: It will allow individuals to better track their activity level, show improvements, set and hit goals, and bring it all under one program.

V.G.: To support and challenge one another to achieve our best.



Last Updated 2/2/2009