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Complaint Information

Complaint information should include:

  • Was the complaint reported to the county Department for Community Based Services office?
  • Name of facility.
  • Who is the complainant?
  • What is the complaint? (Describe the facts of the complaint situation.)
  • Who is/are the alleged perpetrator(s)?
  • How was the patient/resident affected?
  • When did the complaint situation occur? Was it an isolated event or an ongoing situation? (Include the date, time, time between different events.)
  • Where did it happen? (In what care unit, patient/resident room.)
  • How did it happen? What was the sequence of events?
  • Is a patient/resident or the family of a patient/resident involved?
  • Who witnessed the complaint situation?
  • Names of staff or other residents involved. Also, include other persons involved, such as volunteers or visitors.
  • Was facility made aware of complaint?
  • What actions were taken by the facility?

To report a complaint regarding a licensed long-term or health care facility or service, contact the appropriate enforcement branch.  To determine which enforcement branch to report to, see Contact Information.


Long Term Care Self-Reported Incidents

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires long-term care facilities to self-report incidents occurring in their facilities to the Office of Inspector General.

More information.


Last Updated 8/26/2016