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Division of Regulated Child Care (DRCC)

Susan Hayes, Director
Melissa Moore, Assistant Director

275 E. Main St., 5E-F
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-7962
Fax: (502) 564-9350

The Division of Regulated Child Care (DRCC) is responsible for licensing and investigating complaints against licensed child-care facilities, certified family child-care homes, residential child-caring facilities and child-placing agencies.

The fee for an initial child-care license is $50 with an annual license renewal fee of $25. The fee for an initial certificate for a certified family child-care home and a bi-annual certification renewal fee is $10.

If you are interested in opening a licensed child-care facility or certified family child-care home, please click the link below:

Getting Started In Child Care

The initial licensing fee for a residential child-caring facility or child-placing agency is $100 and $50 for annual renewals.

Information for those interested in opening a child-caring facility or child-placing agency

General Information

DRCC Regional Offices

DRCC's regional offices are responsible for conducting on-site visits of all Kentucky licensed child-care centers and certified family child-care homes to determine compliance with applicable licensing and certification regulations. Complaints concerning these centers and certified homes are investigated by regional office staff.

Report a complaint against a licensed child-care center or a certified family child-care home

Standards of Practice

Licensed Provider's Standards of Practice

Certified Provide'r Standards of Practice

Parent/Public Resources

DRCC offers a way for the public to access information regarding all Kentucky licensed child-care centers and certified family child-care homes.

Public Child Care Provider Search

Are you a parent and not sure what to look for when finding a quality child-care facility?

Child-Care Checklist for Parents

Listing of licensed child-caring/placing facilities and agencies

Child-Caring Facilities Directory
(Group Homes/Institutions)

Child-Placing Directory
(Private Adoption/Private Foster Care)

Provider Resources

Change of Ownership
It is important to remember that a license for a child-care center cannot be sold or transferred to another person, association or organization.

A change of ownership requires written notification to be submitted to DRCC for approval prior to implementation. If a person, association or organization assumes ownership of a child-care center without DRCC approval, the child-care center is considered to be operating illegally. DRCC will take action against any child-care center operating without a license.

Update Contact Information
To update your email address, telephone number or mailing address, please submit your written request to our email portal.

Child Care Aware Health and Safety Coaches and Technical Assistance
If you need assistance completing an application, have questions regarding a change or would like regulatory guidance, please contact your local Child Care Aware representative.

KICCS Portal Access
KICCS Provider Portal information and access

Consumer Product Safety
Please post this at your licensed child-care center:
Consumer Product Safety Flyer


Regulations for Child-Care Providers

Additional Resources


Child Safety Information (24/7 information, support and referral line)

STARS for KIDS NOW (Quality Rating System)

Child Care Resource and Referral

KY Consumer Product Safety Program 

Please post this at your licensed child care center - Consumer Product Safety Flyer


Last Updated 10/14/2016