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Fingerprint Collection Sites

Fingerprint collection sites are based on the home address of your applicant. Once the application for background check has been submitted in the KARES portal, the system will provide a barcoded Fingerprint Authorization form. This form is specific to your applicant and will list the three closest fingerprint collection sites based on the applicant’s home address. If your applicant lives outside of Kentucky, the form will list the three closest sites to the requesting facility.

It may be necessary to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, please follow the instructions on the form regarding appointment scheduling or walk-in hours. Applicants must take their Fingerprint Authorization form and valid government issued photo ID for fingerprinting.

A current report of all active fingerprint collection sites is housed in the KARES web portal. This report will verify addresses, hours, and contact information for all KARES participating fingerprint collection sites. Please follow the report in the KARES system as site may be periodicity deactivated for system maintenance.

KARES Fingerprinting Locations

For a full listing of counties housing a KARES fingerprint collection site, click here.

To view site location, contact, and appointment information, refer to the Livescan fingerprint form generated at the time of application or your KARES system Fingerprint Location report.

A KARES job applicant must have an application in the KARES system before they can be fingerprinted. Applicants may be required to make an appointment prior to arrival. Refer to the applicant specific, barcoded form for instructions.


Last Updated 4/26/2017