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To add state and FBI fingerprint checks to your hiring process, contact the KARES team now to participate in the upcoming pilot:

(502) 564-2159 or e-mail the help desk.

What’s the cost of a state and FBI fingerprint background check under KARES?

Prior to a state and FBI fingerprint check, participating employers will log on to the KARES web application to conduct a free check of available abuse registries and, if applicable, confirm the professional licensure status of an applicant. If an applicant is listed on an abuse registry or professional license is not in good  standing, a fingerprint check is not necessary.
To initiate a state and FBI fingerprint check, participating KARES employers will only pay $20 initially. This is the same fee currently charged for name-based, state checks.

Fingerprint Locations

The fingerprint collection sites are located throughout the state in designated Kentucky One-Stop Career Centers.

Career Center Locations and Hours of Operations 

Background Check Process
  • Employer logs into the KARES website and submits job application information.
  • Immediate response from KARES checking:
    1.     Abuse registries
    2.     Professional licensure status
  • If the applicant is not disqualified due to the registry and licensure check, the employer submits $20 online payment for fingerprint background check.
  • Employer provides applicant with the barcoded fingerprint form.
  • Applicant takes fingerprint form and photo ID to fingerprint site within 30 days.
  • Upon submission of fingerprints employer may hire applicant provisionally for 60 days.
  • KARES staff receives results of state and FBI background checks to make fitness determination.
  • Provider is sent electronic notification of cleared or disqualified from hire within 7 business days of the fingerprinting.
  • If disqualified, KARES notifies applicant with explanation of appeals process.


Last Updated 11/12/2013
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