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Disqualifying Offenses

The National Background Check Program bases all criminal history fitness determinations on the NBCP regulation 906 KAR 1:190

A list of disqualifying offenses can be found by clicking on the link below.

Complete List of Disqualifying Offenses

More information on how to appeal a not-eligible fitness determination for a conviction on the applicant’s background check

If an applicant believes their criminal history information is in error, the applicant can contact Kentucky State Police Criminal Dissemination Section at (502) 227-8700.

Registry Checks

The National Background Check Program uses existing databases to check for licensing records and abuse information. Applicants who have been disqualified at the licensing or registry check should contact the appropriate registry or licensing board if it is believed the information is in error.

Contact information for each disqualifying agency will appear on the applicant’s registry results document; this document is provided to the applicant by the employer.


Last Updated 11/23/2016