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Benefits of Participating in KARES
  • Helps prevent applicants for employment in long-term care settings from hiding criminal or abusive actions committed in other states.
  • Uses state-of-the-art electronic scanners to capture fingerprints, to help ensure applicants are not misidentified and barred from employment as a result of name-based searches.
  • Uses a Web-based application that returns results from available abuse registries and verifies the professional licensure status of new employees. If the applicant is listed on an abuse registry or the individual’s professional license is not in good standing, the person will be disqualified from employment and there is no need for state and FBI checks and the associated costs.
  • Faster turnaround time on state and FBI criminal record results only 5–7 days from the date of fingerprint collection.
  • Uses trained Cabinet staff to review background checks and determine whether an individual is eligible for employment based on the criminal history information, relieving facility staff of the administrative burden they currently perform.
Disqualifying Offenses

Offenses that disqualify an applicant from employment in a KARES participating facility include: 

  • Felony offenses related to theft, abuse or sale of illegal drugs and other violations of the Controlled Substances Act, criminal abuse of a child or adult, sexual crimes, violent crimes and arson;
  • Misdemeanor offenses related to abuse of a child or adult;
  • Misdemeanor sex offenses;
  • Identification on the nurse aide abuse registry or Kentucky’s child abuse and neglect registry; and
  • Identification on the federal OIG-LEIE exclusion list, which contains individuals and businesses excluded or sanctioned from participating in Medicare, Medicaid or other federally funded programs.

Complete List of Disqualifying Offenses

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Last Updated 4/14/2014
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