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Advisory Boards and Commissions

Thank you for your interest in serving as an appointee on one of the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Advisory Boards and Commissions (ABC). The governor and Cabinet secretary make appointments to ABCs. Prospective appointees must provide required information and possess the skills and knowledge to perform the duties of the boards, commissions, councils or committees to which they are appointed. Some of these requirements may be extensive.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services administers a variety of boards, commission, councils and advisory committees pursuant to state statute. Positions in each of these administrative bodies vary by title and category as well sources of appointment recommendations. Some positions are recommended by a CHFS agency through lists compiled by various organizations and associations named in statute. Some positions are appointed by the secretary of CHFS, while others are appointed by the governor.

The application below includes questions regarding political affiliation, race, gender and geographic location. This information is necessary to satisfy the specific membership requirements established by the Kentucky General Assembly to provide for equitable and balanced gubernatorial appointments.

If you want to offer your time and talents in service to the commonwealth, please complete the appropriate application. During consideration of your application you may be asked to provide more information.

Apply By Mail:

Download and complete the CHFS Advisory Board Application Form (pdf). Attach a current resume/vita to the completed application and mail to:

CHFS ABC Administration: Office of Policy and Budget
Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Mail Stop 5W-A
275 E. Main St.
Frankfort, KY 40601

To Send by Fax: Complete the CHFS Advisory Board Application form as above, include a resume/via, and fax the completed material to (502) 564-2467.

To Apply Online

Complete the online application form. Click the Save button at the end of  the application form and another screen will allow you to attach a resume. Click the Save button again to send your application with your resume/vita to CHFS for processing.  

If you have any questions or problems email program staff for assistance.

CHFS Advisory Board and Commissions Listing 2010 (pdf)

Additional Advisory Boards and Commissions

If you are interested in joining any of the other state boards and commissions, review the complete list of boards and commissions administered directly by the Governor's Office.  


Last Updated 2/8/2017