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Site Map

The Site Map lists all web pages and directories in the CHFS website.

channel icon Programs and Services
Programs and Services
channel icon Agencies
CHFS Agencies
channel icon Newsroom
posting icon flu
posting icon TB
posting icon SNS
posting icon EBT
posting icon NRT
posting icon CDO
posting icon ASD
posting icon TB
posting icon DMS
posting icon CMS
posting icon ARC
posting icon SOS
posting icon YAC
channel icon Public Resources
Public Resources
channel icon Resources for Providers
Provider Resources
channel icon Department for Community Based Services
Community Based Services
channel icon Child Care
Child Care
channel icon KICCS Provider Portal
KICCS Provider Portal Launch Page
channel icon Family Support
Family Support
posting icon DFS
channel icon Protection and Permanency
Protection & Permanency
channel icon Elder Abuse Awareness
Elder Abuse Awareness
channel icon Administration and Financial Management
Administration and Financial Management
channel icon Information and Quality Improvement
Information and Quality Improvement
posting icon Programs and Services
Listing of each service provided by Medicaid Service
posting icon Medicaid Assistance Program (MAP) Forms
Listing of forms for each Community Based Waiver program
posting icon Medicaid Enterprise Management System (MEMS) Procurement
Information about the MEMS Procurement
posting icon Heightened Scrutiny Evidence Summaries submitted to CMS
Information about the HCB Waiver Final Rule
posting icon Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Program
Information about KY Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Program
posting icon Kentucky Level of Care System
Information about the Kentucky Level of care system
posting icon Kentucky Medicaid Waiver Management Application (MWMA)
Information about the Kentucky Medicaid Waiver Management Application(MWMA)
posting icon dental rates
Approved Dental Rates page
posting icon U.S Government rights
U.S Government rights
posting icon dental end user agreement
Dental End User Liscentse agreement
posting icon Fee and Rate Schedules
Current fee and rate schedules used by Medicaid Providers
posting icon Boards and Committees
Medicaid Advisory Board and Committee Membership and Information
posting icon General Resources
Resources and Information which would be helpful to the general public (not specific to providers or recipients only).
posting icon KyHealth-Net System
KYHealth-Net system - On line system for Medicaid Providers to veiw Medicaid Recipient data
posting icon Provider Resources
Information specific to KY Medicaid Providers
posting icon Archived Provider Notices
Information specific to KY Medicaid Providers
posting icon How Do I enroll2?
Who is Eligible and Where to Apply
posting icon How Do I enroll?
Who is Eligible and Where to Apply
posting icon Pharmacy Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC)
New Pharmacy Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) page
posting icon Archive Pharmacy Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC)
New Pharmacy Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) page
posting icon September Initiatives
Information on September Initiatives: Qualifying Income Trusts and homestead Resources
posting icon Public Notice CMHC Reimb
State Plan Amendment Public Notice - CMHC Reimb
posting icon Public Notice Drug Reimb
State Plan Amendment Public Notice - Outpatient Drug Reimbursement
posting icon Public Notices
home page for SPA notices Final Waiver Notices, public notices etc.
posting icon Public Notice HCBS Final Rules – Heightened Scrutiny
HCBS Final Rules – Heightened Scrutiny Public Notice
posting icon DMS News
DMS Archived News, newsletters and listserv information
posting icon medicare
Information for members and providers about Medicare and Medicaid
posting icon Nursing Facilities LOC
Nursing Facilities Level of Care Information Linked from Home and Provider Resources
posting icon Regular Spenddown
Main page - Who is Eligible & Where to Apply Question - What if my income is too high to qualify for regular Medicaid benefits? This is the answer to that question.
posting icon DMS EHR Contacts
KY EHR Contact information
posting icon Commissioner's Health and Welfare Presentations
Commissioner Health and Welfare Committee presentations
posting icon ICD-10 Articles
Past ICD-10 transition Articles
posting icon Commissioner's Legislative Appearances
Current Commissioner Committee appearances before legislators
posting icon Archived ICD-10 Transition information
Archived ICD-10 Transition Informatin
posting icon KY Medicaid Managed Care Organization Links
KY Medicaid Managed Care Organization Options for Members (current and expanding)
posting icon Archive P and T meetings
Archived P and T meetings to 2003
posting icon SCL
posting icon ICD-10 Implementation
ICD-10 Implementation
posting icon ICD-10 Educational Offerings
ICD-10 Transition Education Trainings
posting icon MCO Archived updates
KY Medicaid Managed Care Organization Options for Members (current and expanding)
posting icon Partner Portal Application (MPPA)
Information about the Medicaid Partner Portal Application Information
posting icon Provider Revalidation
Information about Medicaid Provider Revalidation
posting icon Overview
An introduction to enrolling as a provider with Kentucky Medicaid
posting icon FAQ
posting icon Archived Provider Enrollment Notices
Achieved Provider Notices, policy changes, announcements
channel icon About CHFS
About CHFS
posting icon Radiation
Change to fix picture placement.
posting icon Campylobacteriosis
posting icon vre
posting icon Ehrlichiosis
channel icon Administration and Financial Management
Division Administration and Financial Management
channel icon Division of Prevention and Quality Improvement
Division of Prevention and Quality Improvement
channel icon Chronic Disease
Chronic Disease
channel icon Protection and Safety
Protection & Safety
channel icon Division of Women's Health
Division of Women's Health
channel icon Find-It-Fast Index
Alpha Index of Topics
channel icon DPH Training and Calendar
DPH Training and Calendar
posting icon Food Safety Regulations Amended
An article describing changes to Kentucky's food safety regulations.
channel icon HIV/AIDS
channel icon Resources
HIVAIDS Resources
channel icon Maternal and Child Health
Maternal and Child Health
channel icon Early Childhood Development
Early Childhood Development
channel icon Child and Family Health Improvement
Child and Family Health Improvement
channel icon Nutrition Services
Nutrition Services
posting icon WIC
posting icon DMS
channel icon 5-2-1-0
A program directed at kids to improved nutrition, reduce inactivity and increase exercise.
channel icon Wellness and Health
Wellness and Health
channel icon Electronic Public Health Record Systems
Electronic Public Health Record Systems
posting icon How to Contact Local Point of Entry Offices
Local Point of Entry Offices (POE) contact information.
channel icon Forms & Documents
channel icon Hotline Numbers
phone numbers
posting icon Hemophilia Program
Information about Hemophilia services.
posting icon Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
Information about the Newborn Hearing Screening program and resources for parents.
posting icon Parent Advocacy and Involvement
Parent resources and contact info for CCSHCN Parent Liasion
posting icon Transition Resources
Resources and information for young people and their families.
channel icon Office of the Secretary
Office of the Secretary
channel icon Administrative Hearings
Admin Hearings
channel icon Human Resource Management
Human Resources
channel icon Inspector General
Inspector General
posting icon KASPER
KY All-Sched Prescription Electronic Rptg System
posting icon LSC
channel icon Ombudsman
posting icon Overview
Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of the Ombudsman, Complaint Review Branch, Institutional Review Board, Performance Enhancement Branch, Quality Control Branch.
posting icon Small Business Ombudsman
Cabient for Health and Family Services, Office of the Ombudsman, Small Business Ombudsman
channel icon Institutional Review Board
Institutional Review Board


Last Updated 11/27/2006