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Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application Information

Welcome to the Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application Information Web page. This page will serve as a one-stop resource for the latest information related to the Medicaid Partner Portal Project and its implementation.

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What is the Medicaid Partner Portal Application?

The Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application is a CHFS initiative to streamline and automate Kentucky's current paper-based Medicaid program enrollment process. This Web-based application is a product of this effort.

Upon completion and approval of an electronic application, users will be able to perform online screening, enrollment and maintenance of individual, group and entity information, among other tasks. DMS staff also will use the system to review each enrollment.

The objective of this project is to automate the provider enrollment application to lower the burden on providers and reduce DMS administrative effort. Upon completion of the enrollment process, approved providers are issued a Medicaid provider number and will be able to participate in the Kentucky Medicaid program.

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What is the Project Focus and Benefit?

Automation will enable Program Integrity staff to complete enrollments and updates more quickly and efficiently. The online system will allow providers to review and update information on file with DMS which will significantly reduce call volume. The new system will automate the current manual processes by:

  • Allowing providers to assign delegates to create new provider requests and complete maintenance on their behalf
  • Allowing new provider enrollment and maintenance requests to be initiated online by the providers or their delegates
  • Allowing automated sanction checks, certification/license verifications, and individual or business data validations
  • Providing the ability to create, submit and track correspondence between providers and Program Integrity staff
  • Providing the ability to reduce the number of rejected applications
  • Providing the ability to reduce the cost of postage for providers and the agency
  • Providing the ability to create reporting

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Additional Questions

For program- or policy-related inquiries related to provider enrollment, call (877) 838-5085

For Partner Portal technical support, call (800) 635-2570

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Last Updated 10/17/2017