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Acquired Brain Injury Branch

Adoption Services Branch

Adult Protection Branch

Advisory Council for Medical Assistance

Aging and Physical Disabilities Services Branch

Benefit Policy Branch

Benefits Management Branch

Brain Injury Services Branch

Budget Branch

Business Operations Branch

Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Child and Family Health Improvement Branch

Child Care Operations Branch

Child Protection Branch

Child Welfare Fiscal Services Branch

Chronic Disease Prevention Branch

Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities

Complaint Review Branch

Compliance Branch

Contracts and Payment Branch

Department for Aging and Independent Living

Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Department for Community Based Services

Department for Family Resource Centers and Volunteer Services

Department for Income Support

Department for Medicaid Services

Department for Public Health

Disease and Case Management Branch

Division of Administration and Financial Management

Division of Administrative Hearings

Division of Audits and Investigations

Division of Certificate of Need

Division of Child Care

Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning

Division of Family Resource and Youth Services Centers

Division of Guardianship

Division of Health Care

Division of Laboratory Services

Division of Maternal and Child Health

Division of Operations and Support

Division of Policy and Operations

Division of Prevention and Quality Improvement

Division of Program Integrity

Division of Program Performance

Division of Program Quality and Outcomes

Division of Protection and Permanency

Division of Regulated Child Care

Division of Service Regions

Division of Women's Health

Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch

Early Childhood Development Branch

Eastern Region Branch

Education and Workforce Development Branch

Electronic Health Records

Eligibility Policy Branch

Environmental Management Branch

Families and Children Administrative Hearings Branch

Family Self-Sufficiency Branch

Family Violence Prevention Branch

Fiduciary Management Branch

Financial Management Branch

Food Safety Branch

Global Preparedness and Environmental Branch

Health Care Access Branch

Health Promotions Branch

Health Services Administrative Hearings Branch


Home and Community Based Services Branch

Infectious Disease Branch

Institutional Review Board

Local Health Operations Branch

Local Health Personnel Branch

Managed Care Oversight - Contract Management Branch

Managed Care Oversight - Quality Branch

Medicaid Preliminary Investigations

Medical Support and Benefits Branch

Member Information and Resources

MH/IDD Community Services Branch

Microbiology Branch

Milk Safety Branch

Molecular and Clinical Chemistry Branch


Northern Region Branch

Nutrition Assistance Branch

Nutrition Services Branch

Office of Administrative and Technology Services

Office of Health Data and Analytics

Office of Human Resource Management

Office of Inspector General

Office of Legal Services

Office of Policy and Budget

Office of Public Affairs

Office of the Commissioner

Office of the Ombudsman

Office of the Secretary

Out of Home Care Branch

Performance Enhancement Branch

Pharmacy Policy Branch

Policy and Program Administration Branch

Policy Development Branch

Prevention Branch

Program Integrity Branch

Program Training Branch

Provider Enrollment

Provider Services Branch

Public Health Preparedness Branch

Public Safety Branch

Quality Assurance and Policy Development Branch

Quality Control Branch

Radiation Health Branch

Serve Kentucky


Southern Region Branch

Technical Advisory Committees

Third Party Liability Branch


Vital Statistics Branch

Western Region Branch

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