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What It Is

Family-to-Family (F2F) Health Information Centers (HIC's) are family-run centers that assist families of children and youth with special health care needs and the professionals who serve them. The goal of these centers is to help keep children healthy by promoting regular medical care.

Parents and families with children who have special health care needs often need assistance navigating the complicated issues surrounding health care. F2F HIC's help families make more informed choices by providing support, information, resources and training.

F2F HIC's promote access to community based, self-directed services that are available to children with special needs.

​How Can Support Parents Help My Family?

Support parents provide key support to families of individuals with special needs. We offer parents and caregivers the opportunity to connect with another parent or caregiver with a similar situation or special health care need — someone who has “been there.”

How Can I Become a Support Parent?

To become a support parent, contact program director Sondra Gilbert.

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