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Intentional program violation of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) is fraud and can result in a criminal conviction and loss of services and payments.

Intentional means misinforming the program purposefully to receive services and/or payment for services.

Parents may commit fraud by failing to report changes that affect a program benefits, such as:

  • income changes - per hour rate or number of hours;
  • change in household size - person leaving or coming into the home; or
  • change of address.

Providers may commit fraud by wrongly charging for a child, including:

  • charging a full-time rate for a child who attends part-time;
  • charging for more than five absences per month without required documentation;
  • charging for absences of children whose parents have terminated their child care services;
  • enrolling and charging for more children than license status capacity allows. Related: DCC-115, CCAP Over Capacity Provider Operating Form

To report suspicions of fraud and abuse, call: (800) 372-2970.

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