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For more information about the FRYSC Advisory Councils, their purpose and function, please refer to that section of the Administrators Guidebook.

  • Meetings and Robert's Rules of Order
    Includes a simple description of Robert’s Rules of Order and how it can help councils have orderly and effective meetings in which all members participate
  • Advisory Council Member Survey
    This sample survey elicits information from FRYSC Advisory Council members to plan meeting times and forms of communication that are best for members and to request input on activities.
  • Advisory Council Membership Ratio Chart
    This chart outlines exactly how many parent, school, community and student representatives an advisory council needs in order to meet membership requirements.
  • Checklist for Advisory Council By-Laws
    This document outlines what, at a minimum, must be included in FRYSC Advisory Council bylaws.
  • Sample FRYSC By-Laws
    These sample bylaws include all required elements of a FRYSC Advisory Council as outlined in the FRYSC AC Bylaws Checklist.
  • FRYSC Hiring Form
    FRYSC Advisory Councils must have a shared role in the hiring of a new coordinator: districts are required to complete and submit this form to their regional program managers to document who was involved in the hiring process.