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What It Is

As a Medicaid member, you need to know how to keep your benefits and get the most out of services available to you.

Medicaid provides assistance ensure access to quality health care for vulnerable low-income Kentuckians. The level of benefits is based on income, age, family size and situation. Extra services beyond basic Medicaid are available through waiver programs.

The Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services works closely with other agencies and managed care organizations (MCOs) to administer Medicaid benefits to recipients not in long-term care facilities or participating in a Medicaid waiver. 

Programs & Services

Programs and services available to you depend on the type of coverage you qualify for, which is often referred to as you eligibility Group. To assist you in finding programs available, we have broken them out in the categories to the right. You may click on any of the links to find the programs based on your eligibility.

The member handbook is listed in the document section listed below.

Please see some of the FAQs below for more information on Member benefits.

What does my Kentucky Medicaid Card look like?

What if I have other insurance?

Covered Drugs

Prior Authorization

Non covered services

Reporting Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

Request a Hearing

Members if you need to change your address please fill out the MAP-22 Medicaid Member Address Change Form

Contact information for Members

To apply for Medicaid or have questions regarding your case, contact Department for Community Based Services at (855) 306-8959

Cabinet for Health and Family Services Ombudsman: (877) 807-4027

To report Fraud, contact the Fraud Hotline at (800) 372-2970

For information on KCHIP, please contact KCHIP at (877) 524-4718/(877) 807-4719 (TDD/TTY)

For Member Questions, contact Member Services at 800-635-2570

For questions regarding Medicare, contact Medicare at (800) 633-4227

For Social Security questions, contact Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213