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What It Is

As a Medicaid member, there are many things that you need to know in order to keep your benefits and get the most out of the services that are available to you.

The Member handbook is listed in the Document section listed below.

Please see some of the FAQs below for more information on Member benefits.

What is Kentucky Medicaid?

What happens after I meet with my caseworker?

What does my Kentucky Medicaid Card look like?

Rights and responsibilities

What if I have other insurance?

Covered Drugs

Prior Authorization

Non covered services

Medical Transportation services?

What services are available if I need long term care?

Contacting my caseworker

Working with my PCP

Reporting Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

Emergency room use

Request a Hearing

Members if you need to change your address please fill out the MAP-22 Medicaid Member Address Change Form

Managed Care Information

Attention Members - Information on how to change your Managed Care Organization (MCO)

Federal regulations allow members to change their managed care organizations outside the 90-day timeline to change. The process is called disenrollment for cause. Please view the process in the documents section listed below.