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What It Is

​The Home and Community Based (HCB) waiver program provides Medicaid-paid services and supports to the elderly or to adults and children with physical disabilities to help them to live at home rather than in an institutional setting. 


The following are some of the services offered as part of the HCB waiver program.

  • Adult Day Health Care: A place for persons 21 and older to receive skilled nursing care, routine personal and healthcare needs, meals, and to be part of daily activities
  • Attendant Care: Help with tasks a person cannot do on his or her own due to being aged or because of a physical disability. This service includes help with bathing, dressing, grooming, light housework, laundry, and meal planning and preparation
  • Environmental & Minor Home Adaptation: Changes to a person's home that ensure their health, safety, and welfare, increase independence, and allow them to continue to live at home

  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Non-Specialized and Specialized Respite Care: Provides a short term break for a person's primary, unpaid caregiver


You may qualify for HCB waiver services if you:

  • Are elderly or have a physical disability.
  • Meet nursing facility level of care as defined in Kentucky Administrative Regulation 907 KAR 1:022 and would be admitted to a nursing facility if you did not have waiver services.
  • Meet the financial qualifications for Medicaid. 
    • There are special financial qualifications applied to the HCB waiver program. You can find more information on how we determine if you meet the financial qualifications here

Individuals or families may apply for Medicaid and/or Medicaid waivers online using the benefind Self Service Portal.

For assistance, please contact the Medicaid call center at: 1-855-459-6328 or TTY 1 -855-326-4654.

Participant-Directed Services

Participants in the HCB waiver program have three options for how they receive their services.

1. Traditional Services: A waiver participant can receive all services through traditional service provider agencies.

2. Participant-Directed Services (PDS): Participants who enroll in the PDS option can hire their own employees to provide their non-medical, non-residential services. PDS used to be known as the Consumer Directed Option (CDO).

3. Blended Services: Participants can receive some services through traditional service provider agencies while using the PDS option for their non-medical, non-residential services.

PDS services include:

  • Attendant Care
  • Environmental and Minor Home Adaptation
  • Non-Specialized Respite Care

Choosing the PDS option gives waiver participants greater freedom of choice, flexibility, and more control over their supports or services. 

For more information about PDS for HCB, visit the DMS PDS page.