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New Authorized Delegate form

The KY MPPA Authorized Delegate form has changed. Effective Dec. 1, 2019, DMS will accept only the new Authorized Delegate Form. See Additional Information on this page to download the form. Previously submitted or approved Authorized Delegate Forms are valid until their expiration date as long as all information is current and correct.

KY MPPA Web Address Changed

The KY MPPA website address changed Sept. 7, 2019.

Users who access the new KY MPPA site through KOG will be directed to the new location. Users who access KY MPPA through the Let's Get Started link will need to be update their bookmark/favorite/shortcut. Go to KY MPPA

​​Enrollment - Revalidation - Maintenance

​Training Media

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Upcoming Training Webinars

As part of ongoing implementation, new webinars will be available to all KY MPPA providers, credentialing staff and other support personnel.

Participants must pre-register at least 24 hours in advance if each webinar and attendance is limited to no more than 100 participants per event with a required minimum of 10.

View the catalog and register for a webinar

Webinar Topics

Getting the Most Out of Your KY MPPA Dashboard:  An in-depth look at the components of the KY MPPA Dashboard and how to effectively use the Notifications and Correspondence sections, filters and Help content.

New Enrollment Application (MAP-811):  A walk-through to help start your new enrollment application. Covers the information you need, selecting the appropriate role, how to effectively use grids to enter data and how the KY MPPA application mirrors the MAP-811.

Maintenance and Revalidation (MAP-900):  A walk-through to helep begin your maintenance or revalidation action. Covers the information you need, understanding KY MPPA roles and how the KY MPPA maintenance/revalidation action mirrors the MAP-900.

Linking to a Group (MAP-347):  A walk-through of steps to add/link a provider to and remove a provider from a group for billing purposes (MAP-347 functionality) in KY MPPA.

If you are unable to attend a live webinar or you'd like to listen to our introductory webinars (topics below), previously recorded webinar sessions are available from the Training Media resources above.  Select Webinar Recording as the topic from the drop-down menu.

Previous webinar topics

  • KY MPPA Overview and Roles
  • Account Set Up and Sign On
  • Navigation and Functionality
  • Linking Providers and Credentialing Agents

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