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What It Is

The Child Targeted Case Management Program provides case management services for children younger than 21 diagnosed with severe emotional disabilities. Child Targeted Case Management is limited to the 14 community mental health centers.


The following services shall be covered as case management services when provided by a qualified case manager to Medicaid eligible recipients in the target group:

  • A written comprehensive assessment of the child's needs
  • Arranging for the delivery of the needed services as identified in the assessment
  • Assisting the child and his family in accessing needed services
  • Monitoring the child's progress by making referrals, tracking the child's appointments, performing follow-up on services rendered, and performing periodic reassessments of the child's changing needs
  • Performing advocacy activities on behalf of the child and his family
  • Preparing and maintaining case records documenting contacts, services needed, reports, the child's progress, etc.
  • Providing case consultation (i.e., consulting with the service providers/collateral's in determining child's status and progress); and
  • Performing crisis assistance (i.e., intervention on behalf of the child, making arrangements for emergency referrals, and coordinating other needed emergency services).


The following activities shall not be considered case management activities:

  • The actual provision of mental health or other Medicaid covered services or treatments
  • Outreach to potential recipients
  • Administrative activities related to Medicaid eligibility determinations; and
  • Institutional discharge planning.


For information regarding programs and services,refer to the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Adult Targeted Case Management Page.

Regarding billing issues: contact (800) 807-1232.

Regarding enrolling as a provider: refer to the provider enrollment website.