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What is it?

Individuals who need NF services, ICF IID services, or 1915(c) home and community based services but have income over $2,313 will have to place the excess income into a QIT (also called a Miller Trust). The income placed in a QIT will be disregarded in determining Medicaid eligibility but will be considered with determining how much the individuals has available to contribute to his/her cost of care.   

​Eligibility for a QIT

A family member or individual must should contact an attorney to set up the trust.  The Department for Medicaid Services must approve each QIT. 

The trust has to include the following:

  • The trust has to be irrevocable.  This means that when the money is put in the trust, an individual can not change their mind later and take the money back.
  • Income must be put in the trust to bring the individual below the Special Income Standard of $2, 313,
  • No resources can be put in the trust.  This means money in a savings account can not be put in the trust.
  • A separate account must be set up.  This means a bank account someone already has can not be used.
  • The terms of the trust must provide that at death, Medicaid will get all the money remaining in the trust, up to the amount that was spent on that person's care by Medicaid.
  • The trustee of the trust must consult with Medicaid on withdrawals from the trust before the withdrawals are made in order to assure that the intended use is allowable under the federal and state laws.  

For More information, contact your local Department for Community Based Services Office at 1 (855) - 306 -8959,