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Who We Are

Provides microbiological analysis of Water, Food and Dairy Products to the Department for Public Health Food Safety Branch, Milk Safety Branch and to Local Health Departments. 

Programs &

Analysis performed: 

  • Private Drinking Water
  • Public Recreational Waters 
  • Public Spa/Hot Tub/Whirlpool 
  • Food - Common Foodborne Pathogens
  • Milk and Dairy Products - Regulatory Testing

Environmental Chemistry Section

The Environmental Chemistry lab provides chemical and physical analysis to the Kentucky Department of Labor Occupational Safety Hazards Administration program, Environmental Management, Department for Public Health Food and Milk Safety Branches, Oral/Dental Health Program, and to KY Health Departments.

Environmental Chemistry - (502)564-4446
  • Supervisor - Ext: 4462
  • Lab Services Food Safety - Ext: 4425
  • Inorganic Chemistry - Ext: 4670, 4671, 4673 (Lab)
  • Lead Program:Ext - 4670, 4671, 4673 (Lab
  • Organic Solvents: Ext - 4449, 4425, 4441 (Lab)
  • Pesticide: Ext - 4449, 4425, 4444 (Lab)
  • Fluoride (Water) - Ext: 4425, 4441 (Lab)

Preparedness Section

The Preparedness Section is primarily comprised of the Bioterrorism Laboratory, Sentinel Laboratory Support, and the Supply Room that is responsible for sending out testing supplies to the KY Health Departments.

Preparedness - (502)564-4446
  • Supervisor - Ext: 4490
  • Supplies and Materials - Ext: 4465, 4469
Information for Submitting Bioterrorism (BT) Environmental Specimens 
Forms for Submitting Bioterrorism (BT) Environmental Specimens 
Sentinel Preparedness
The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Sentinel Laboratory Protocols

Chemical Terrorism 
Use the following guidelines for collecting specimens from people who may have been exposed to chemical terrorism agents.  Contact the KY Division of Laboratory Services for specific shipping instructions.
To contact the microbiology section, call 
(502) 564-4446 then use extensions below:
  • Supervisor -Ext: 4462
  • Laboratory - Ext: 4427, 4428, or 4429

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