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General Information

In Kentucky, a mobile home community is defined as a parcel of land, under single or multiple ownership and developed specifically for the purpose of leasing two or more residential spaces for the location of manufactured or mobile home dwellings and which contain common facilities and utilities located on the premises as licensed by the Cabinet.

A recreational vehicle community is defined as a parcel of land available to the public in which two or more recreational vehicles spaces are occupied or intended for occupancy by recreational vehicles for transient dwelling purposes and includes any service building, structure, enclosure or other facility used as a part of the community.

The state mobile home and recreational vehicle communities program establishes standards for community construction and layout, sanitary standards for operation and other matters necessary to ensure a safe and sanitary community operation.

To register a complaint on a mobile home or recreational vehicle community, please contact your local health department.

Local health department contact information 

Plan Review

Plans for new mobile home and recreational vehicle communities and modifications to existing communities must be submitted to local health departments. For further information on submitting construction or expansion plans, please see the information below and contact your local health department environmentalist.

Submission Process:

    • Three sets of plumbing plans and three plan application forms shall be submitted to the local health department.  Note: four sets of plans must be submitted if the water source is private or if the community is located in a flood plain.
    • The local health department reviews the plans and forwards approved plans to the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction (DHBC) for further approval.
    • Approved plans are returned to the local health department with an approval letter. Plans that are not approved are returned to the local health department with a deficiency letter.