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What It Is

The Kentucky Health Alert Network (HAN) is the primary communication and collaboration tool for public health in Kentucky. HAN is a secure, Internet-based system that allows government and non-government public health personnel to instantly contact and work with each other. HAN provides simple tools for issuing alerts, sharing and reviewing documentation and retrieving contact information. The system is administered by DPH at the state level and at the local level by health department public health preparedness planners. To learn more about becoming a participant please contact us.


The innovative role-based directory allows for appropriate people to be notified of a public health event without specific knowledge of who each individual is by name. Each participant in HAN specifies the manner in which he or she prefers to be contacted based on the alert level.  Each participant may specify up to five methods of contact for each priority level of alert including: work phone, work e-mail, home phone, cell phone, alternate phone, alternate e-mail, alpha pager and none. Alert priorities are High (public health emergency) Medium (public health advisory) and Low (public health information or update). The alerts can be sent by participants to use profiles or work e-mail. The system uses a text-to-speech engine to alert participants via phone. For security, the system will not read the participant the message until a personal four-digit PIN is entered following the standard introduction. 

Current, accurate contact data is crucial to appropriate response to public health events. To maintain current contact data, participants maintain their own profiles and the system requires all participants to verify their profiles every 30 days. 

Document Library

HAN contains a document library that eliminates the problems associated with working on a document via e-mail. The document library allows users to develop documents efficiently and collaboratively using check-in, check-out and publish controls. 

Participants can securely share, review and modify any type and size document. An approval routing feature alerts staff when documents are posted for review and approval during development. Online discussions for each document are supported by the system and a subscription service allows participants to choose to be notified when changes are made to documents or folders, eliminating the need to periodically check for changes. Documents also may be faxed directly from the document library. 

Public Health Directory

Have you ever needed to contact public health personnel but had no name or contact information? The Public Health Directory provides contact information for HAN participants. The role-based directory lists personnel functions and agency responsibilities undertaken during a public health event. Contact information is voluntarily provided by participants and only participants with access to issue alerts may view participant non-work contact information.

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User Guides

Contact HAN Administration

Use this form to send a message to the Kentucky Health Alert Network Adminstrators. Please provide as much detail as possible and be sure to include your contact information so that we may be of assistance.