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What It Is

The Kentucky Physician Care (KPC) Program is a public/private partnership with the Health Kentucky, Inc. network, the Department for Community Based Services , and the Department for Public Health.  

KPC consists of several state and private providers (physicians, dentists, and pharmacies) who donate their time and materials to provide free, one time routine care to low income uninsured citizens of the Commonwealth.  

KPC also provides selected free prescription assistance through a partnership with several pharmaceutical manufacturers.

How The Program Works

Applicants may apply for services at the Department for Community Based Services or at twenty-six (26) approved Health Kentucky, Inc. satellite sites. DCBS offices are located in every county in the state. Once the application is submitted through an online application by DCBS or related satellite site, it is sent to the Kentucky Physician Care (KPC) hotline office for processing. Once accepted into the program, the client calls the hotline to be referred to a participating health care professional or participating pharmacy.

You must meet eligibility requirements to participate in the KPC program.


To be eligible for the KPC program, you must:
  • A have a gross income (income before all deductions) limit of one hundred percent (100%) of the federal poverty level.
  • A resource limit of two thousand dollars ($2,000).
  • Not be qualified for government medical assistance programs.
  • Not have health insurance or be covered by a health benefit plan as defined under Subtitle 17A of KRS Chapter 304.