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​The Kentucky Oral Health Program has a long and proud history with the Department for Public Health. In 1928, Kentucky became only the third state in the country to establish a public dental health program.

Fluoridation is a major effort of the Kentucky Oral Health Program (KOHP). In 1951, Maysville became the first community in Kentucky to fluoridate its water supply. Fluoridation has continued successfully since then. Today, approximately 96 percent of our citizens are on a fluoridated water supply, making Kentucky a national leader.

KOHP also offers a fluoride supplement program for preschool children whose home drinking water supply is fluoride deficient. The KOHP has limited number of health education materials available for the public and professionals.

Community Fluoridation 

In 1951, KOHP began its first community fluoridation efforts in Maysville. Today, 217 fluoridated communities serve nearly 99.9 percent of Kentucky’s population. Fluoridation is mandatory (KRS 211.190; KAR 902 115.010) for community water supplies serving a population of 1,500 or more. Community water supplies serving  populations of fewer than 1,500 may voluntarily fluoridate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has information about your water supply. To find out more, go to My Water's Fluoride webpage.

Rural School Fluoridation

This program began in 1975. Its purpose is to provide fluoridated water to schoolchildren living in rural areas not served by a fluoridated water supply. This is done by installing equipment to add fluoride to school water supplies. Schools in this program participate on a voluntary basis. At its peak, the program served 150 schools and 40,000 students. As fluoridated water lines extend into rural areas, the number of schools in need of this program has diminished.

Today, the program serves 2 schools with approximately 876 students. Staff in the fluoridation program are responsible for installing and maintaining equipment and monitoring water samples. During the past several years, all rural schools have been fluoridated at an optimum level in accordance with program guidelines.

Fluoride Supplements

Kentucky began its fluoride supplement program in 1978. This program primarily serves children 6 months to 6 years old whose home water supply is low in fluoride. Providers are county health departments and private dentists and physicians.

The provider assesses the drinking water supply. If it is not from a known fluoridated water source (e.g. city water), a water sample kit is issued to the family. A sample is sent to the state laboratory for analysis. If the water is low in fluoride, supplementation may be required. Dosage is based on the level of fluoride in the water and the child’s age in accordance with Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

The supplements come in the form of drops and tablets. Drops are issued to children between 6 months and 3 years of age while tablets are given to children 3 and older. Providers receive supplements and testing supplies free of charge. There is no cost to families to participate in this program.

Kentucky Oral Health Coalitions

In recent years, the Kentucky Oral Health Program received federal grants that supported 24 counties to create community coalitions aimed at improving dental health among children and adults throughout Kentucky.  Currently, more funding is allowing up to 10 more coalitions to be established in Kentucky. 

The announced awards are a component of the groundbreaking 2009 initiatives funded with $1.6 million from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Health Resources and Services Administration to improve quality and access to dental care across the region and develop specialized training for dentists who treat children.



Manual for Public Health Registered Dental Hygienists


Protocols Index PHRDH Focused 

Protocol Overview

Consent for Services 

Oral Assessment Form 

Documentation of Dental Records

Follow-up Protocols

Instructions for Authorization of Release of Information, CH-23 

Telephone/Verbal Order Instructions

Fluoride Supplementation

Fluoride Varnish

Role of the School Dental Hygienist

Referral Sources 

Infection Control 

Sealant Protocol

Fluoride Supplement Logic Model

Program Resources

Dental Home - Definition 

School-Based Sealant Program - ADA Recommendations

CDC Guidelines for Dental Health Care Infection Control

Dietary Fluoride Supplements

EBD Sealants

Sealant Literature Review

KRS Defining Age of MajorityKRS Regarding Treatment to Minors


CH 5 - Registration, authorization, certification and consent

CH5 Spanish - Registration, authorization, certification and consent

CH 13 - Health History and Physical Exam

Consent Form Satellite Site

Consent Form Simple

Electronic Seals Form

CH 3A - Service Record

CH 23 - Authorization for Release of Patient Info

CH 23 Spanish - Authorization for Release of Patient Info

CH 23 Instructions - Authorization for release of patient info

Fluoride Supplement Supplies - Packing Slip Form

HHS 117 - Telephone Order Form Instructions

HHS 17 - Telephone or Verbal Order

Fluoride Supplies packing slip-order blank

KIDS SMILES Order form

Labels for Fluoride Supplements

Labels for Fluoride Supplements, Spanish

OH 9 Consent for Fluoride (English and Spanish)

OH 10 Home Water Sample

OH 10 Spanish - Home water sample

OH 11 Kids Smiles personal record

OH 11 Spanish

OH 12 - Dental Screening Form for School Entry

Prevent Tooth Decay Labels

Prevent Tooth Decay Labels, Spanish

SDS - Sodium Fluoride Drops

Teaching Sheets

Information for Parents or Guardians - Local Health Departments

OHEM 3 - Fluoride Varnish

OHEM 4 - Brush Up Tips

OHEM 4 - Brush Up Tips, Spanish

OHEM 5 - First Aid for Dental Injury

OHEM 6 - Keeping Your Smile

OHEM 7 - Mouthguard

OHEM 8 - Diabetes and Gum Disease