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The Office of Health Data and Analytics, Division of Analytics collects data from health care service providers and facilities through an Internet-based annual survey. Annual reports are produced and published from each dataset. Data collection is essential to the process of health planning in Kentucky. The data collected is used to suppor the Kentucky Certificiate of Need Program, found in KRS 216B.015. It is also used througout the state and nation for health planning purposes by Medicaid, Department of Behavioral Health, attorneys, market analysts, facility aministrators, statisticians and health planners.

Annual HFS Survey Data Reports
Healthcare Facilities and Services in Kentucky submit their data through an Internet-based survey program called the Kentucky Health Survey Registry. Submission of the annual utilization survey is a requirement of administrative regulation 900 KAR 6:125.

From this data, the Division of Analytics produces 11 utilization and services reports annually. 

The Kentucky Annual Utilization and Services Surveys and Reports include: 

Survey Reports by Report Type