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​Quality Assurance Section

Staff determines administrative hearing eligibility of service complaints regarding the Department for Community Based Services Division of Protection and Permanency and requests to appeal child abuse and/or child neglect substantiations. The section also maintains responsibility for investigating counties throughout the commonwealth, regarding child protective services, as it relates to House Joint Resolution 137/17, and makes recommendations for policy or legislative changes that may improve service delivery.

Management Evaluation Section

Staff conducts federal management evaluation reviews for the food stamp program, assists in writing county and regional corrective action plans and conducts exit conferences with Cabinet field staff in all Kentucky counties. This section also prepares the federal food stamp corrective action state plan and ensures continuous error identifications and revises local and regional plans accordingly.

Program Access and Compliance Section

Staff performs federally mandated food stamp access reviews of local offices to ensure compliance with regulations regarding eligible client access to services. Follow-up and exit interviews are conducted in each office. This section also works to identify and resolve potential barriers and implements corrective action and continuous monitoring.

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