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CHFS Acting Secretary Eric Friedlander
on Census 2020 - Be counted

Census 2020 is coming. Every 10 years the United States government conducts a census - a count of all the residents of all the states. Census results are used to set federal funding levels for important services like schools, hospitals, roads and public works for the next 10 years. This is funding all Kentuckians depend on for life-changing programs. Do your part. Be sure everyone in your household is counted.

News Releases

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Gov. Beshear Prepares for Primary Elections, Revises Travel Restrictions5/6/2020
Gov. Beshear: Kentucky Will Defeat COVID-195/5/2020
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Gov. Beshear: Kentuckians Must Take Advantage of COVID-19 Testing5/3/2020
Gov. Beshear Provides Update on COVID-195/1/2020
Gov. Beshear: Defeating COVID-19 on First Try Requires Careful Reopening4/30/2020
Gov. Beshear Outlines Road Ahead for Gradual Reopening of Businesses4/29/2020
Gov. Beshear Shares 10 Rules to Reopening as Businesses Plan to Restart4/28/2020
Gov. Beshear Details Next Phases in Reopening of Healthy Care Industry4/27/2020

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