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Who We Are

The Division of Administration and Financial Management (DAFM) is composed of the DCBS budget and fiscal staff, in addition to the Resource Management Section. DAFM is responsible for the department's financial management and budget activities. Because of the Cabinet's central office realignment, DAFM will also assume oversight of policy, administrative regulations, state plans and contract monitoring functions previously provided by the Division of Policy Development.

Programs &

Budget Staff

The DCBS Budget staff is responsible for the compilation and submission of the biennial budget for DCBS programs; monthly monitoring of financial activity; budget modifications and realignments; and contract funding verification. In addition, budget staff prepares fiscal impacts to proposed legislation and changes in regulations and state plans as well as respond to specific information requests from the Governor's Office of Policy and Management and the Legislative Research Commission.

Family Support Fiscal Staff

The Family Support Fiscal staff process all aspects of the check writer systems to ensure timely and appropriate payments to Family Support services recipients. These same staff issue refunds, stop payments on benefits checks and replace lost or stolen checks.  

Resource Management Section

The Resource Management Section provides technical assistance to users and customers of the TWIST automated payment system. They perform the data entry and internal quality control for Random Moment Sampling that allows DCBS to spread administrative costs across appropriate funding streams to draw federal dollars. They provide technical assistance and consultation regarding the Federal Titles IV-E and V requirements for the departments child welfare programs. Other functions include management of the Children's Trust Funds and the Annual Audit Cost Report and Time Study.

Records Management Section

The Records Management Section responds to requests for backgrounds checks from the Child Abuse Registry and requests for individuals' personal child protective services records as allowed by law.

For more information on the Records Management Section contact  (502) 564-3834.

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