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The Department for Income Support, Child Support Enforcement filed proposed administrative regulation amendments May 20, 2021. These ordinary amendments will undergo statutorily required reviews before going into effect. These administrative regulations will be published on the LRC website.

921 KAR 1:020 Child Support Enforcement Program - confidentiality, program administration contracts and agreements - Defines the Child Support Enforcement Program, establishes requirements for safeguarding information and defines the program administration contract and an agreement with a financial institution. The amendment prevents the regulation from expiring.

921 KAR 1:390 Child Support Enforcement Program paternity establishment - Establishes the requirement and Cabinet process for paternity establishment for the child support enforcement program, removes language that the Cabinet will recover a reasonable fee for genetic tests from the administratively or judicially determined father, removes the administrative order for genetic testing - CS-77 and prevents the regulation from expiring.

Written public comments may be submitted to CHFS Regs through Aug. 31, 2021. Upon request to CHFS Regs by Aug. 16, 2021 a public hearing will be held Aug. 23, 2021, at 9 a.m. using Zoom.

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