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Who We Are

The Adult Protection Branch's main purpose is to support the state's service regions that provide adult protective and general adult services through case consultation, development of standards of practice and development of data systems. The branch is committed to keeping vulnerable adults safe and in the least restrictive living arrangement.

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About APS

The Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), Adult Protective Services investigates all known or suspected incidents of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an adult as defined in KRS 209.020 (4) in addition to spouse/ partner abuse reports as defined in KRS 209.020A.

Each type of report is considered for investigation or preventative services and all adults are offered preventative services in an attempt to ensure the safety and well-being of the adult while protecting the adult’s right to self-determination and due process.

All adults are offered protective services and may accept or refuse services.

Adult protective services also provide general adult services which are voluntary, preventative services, aimed at assisting an adult in attaining and functioning at their highest level of self-sufficiency and autonomy; and in maintaining the adult in the community. General adult services may be requested by the adult or at the direction of the adult, who is need of services.

Help With Adult Abuse

Any person, including but not limited to physician, law enforcement officer, nurse, social worker, cabinet personnel, coroner, medical examiner, alternate care facility employee, or caretaker, having reasonable cause to suspect that an adult has suffered abuse, neglect, or exploitation, shall report or cause reports to be made. Death of the adult does not relieve one of the responsibilities for reporting the circumstances surrounding the death.

DCBS will work with law enforcement and other agencies to investigate the report and provide needed protective services if accepted by the adult.