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Portrait photo of W. Bryan HubbardW. Bryan Hubbard began serving as department commissioner in September 2017.  He completed his undergraduate education at George Mason University in 1997. He attended law school at the University of Kentucky.

He was admitted to the practice of law in October 2000. He spent the next 16 years working as a litigator within Kentucky's workers' compensation system. During his legal career, he traveled extensively throughout almost all of the state's 120 counties representing Kentucky's largest non-government employer, 

America's largest public utility, and the world's largest beef and poultry supplier. He became intimately familiar with the interrelationships among employment, poverty, disability and the law. He was a featured speaker on these topics for various businesses and civic organizations throughout his practice years.

 His service for Kentucky began with an appointment to the Mine Safety Review Commission in August of 2014. He was appointed as deputy commissioner for DIS in February 2017 with a mandate to lead Disability Determinations Services - the office that administers the federal government's Social Security Disability program for Kentucky.

While serving as deputy, he managed a multi-disciplinary research team that conducted a 35-year retrospective study of the Social Security Disability program's impact on the state's socioeconomic wellbeing. The group's work took six months, and culminated in the publication of Social Security Disability in Kentucky - 1980-2015 - The Evolution of Dependence.

The study and companion narrative are the first of their kind ever undertaken or published by an individual state. Commissioner Hubbard is dedicated to ensuring the department's disability and child support enforcement programs properly serve their respective missions.